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Demetrios “Jimmy D” Demarakis didn’t start his life in America as a successful businessman.  Born in a small village in the southern region of Greece, opportunities in life were limited to what a person could manually produce through the farm.  So, it was in 1968 that he made the decision to take a gamble, cross the Atlantic to America, and attempt to build a better life so that he could provide for himself and his future family.  As a resident of Arlington Heights, and with his children involved in the Arlington Heights Park District and the local public schools, he grew to love and appreciate the home and life that Arlington Heights provided.  Opportunity knocked one day, and he decided to become a small business owner in his family’s home of Arlington Heights. In 1986, Jimmy D’s District was born.

It’s essential to know that our business was built on the belief that small businesses are the heart of our country, the heart of any community, in fact. Small businesses are where our kids work, where we shop, where we socialize, and where we come together as friends and neighbors. And remembering this truth is how and why we prioritize quality above all and keep our focus on serving our patrons.  

We’ve changed part of our look, we’ve changed our vibe, and now it’s time again for another update as we present to you our new menu, new craft beers, and new craft cocktails.  Our family keeps growing, and we want you and your family to grow with us, as well.

So why us? Why come to us to eat, drink, and be merry? The answer is simple: because we value you as our customer.  We appreciate that you selected us out of all of the other places to choose from. We want our hustle and hard-work to shine through in our food and our service. And we truly hope that you’ll let us show you.